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   At Gen X Media Group, we pride ourselves on delivering results as opposed to making empty promises. We understand that writers who want to get published have a daunting task in front of them, and Gen X Media group is here to make the process as painless and hassle free as possible. It is our goal to meet the expectations of all of our authors and writers and to clear up any confusion about the process. We want the process to be easy and painless. We do not offer "free publishing" gimmicks. Any costs associated with getting your work published will be explained in plain english, and will never cut into your royalties.

  Today, getting your work published can be very difficult because of shady publishing companies, trying to self publish, or going through the difficult process of hiring a literary agent to try to sell your work.There are a lot of hurdles to jump and a lot of obstacles to get you to the result that you want. At Gen X Media Group, we publish your work and you get ISBN's for your writing that allows you to see your sales in real-time.

  We have heard many horror stories about authors being swindled by shady publishing companies who say that it's free to get published. They charge exorbitant fees for their services and they generally cannot reach out to a vast audience. At Gen X Media Group, we don't offer anything but the truth in the entire process.

  Sometimes it's hard to get concise and straight answers to simple questions when it comes to publishing your work. There are a lot of shady publishers who try to buy your work "as-is, " and they will often take the rights to your hard work, and after all of their hidden fees and gimmicks, the author is left with a percentage of the reported royalties for their work. In some cases, shady publishers will make it so that a books overhead cuts into the authors royalties that are reported by the publisher. With shady self publishers, the author generally doesn't retain any of the rights to their work, and even worse, there have been reports of some of these shady  publishing companies not disclosing how many copies of an authors book have sold- essentially cutting the author out of the loop, and ripping the author off. Some of these companies will take your literary creation, and run it straight into the ground leaving the author with many unanswered questions and without the money that they worked hard for. At Gen X Media Group, we don't offer any of those "services." We offer a nice and easy publishing experience that an author gets some control of to suit the experience to their individual needs. What we offer is a publishing service like no other that's honest and tailored to the author. We want to publish your work as much as you do.

  At Gen X Media Group, we eliminate the need for an author to try to seek out a literary agent which costs money, and we eliminate the worry about getting ripped off because there are no hidden fees or gimmicks. We report all of our sales to our published corresponding authors and we offer any service that an author might need. We walk each writer and author through the process of getting their works published and if your works sell, you get paid. It's as simple as that. We also deal with literary works on a case-by-case basis so each authors needs are attended to. We also offer flexible contracts and services for any genre of writing from online short stories to hard-print books. Many of the services we offer are "on demand" so that you retain as much control of the process as possible and won't spend any unneccesary money.

  Another service that we provide, that you will not get from irreputable and shady publishers or through self publishing is comprehensive, in-house editing, as we seek to build solid working relationships with our authors so that their work is polished and ready when it comes time to publish, and the author is happy with their work.

At Gen X Media Group, we provide all of your publishing needs and it is our goal to make sure that your hard works gets the attention it deserves, and that you get compensated accordingly while still retaining rights to your work when applicable. Gen X Media group is here to turn your dreams into a reality.

Read below to see some of the many services that we offer at Gen X Media Group.
  At Gen X Media Group, we bring you excellence in your publishing needs. Every single conractual agreement is unique to the author, and every publishing experience is personalized and catered to make you as much money from your work as possible.  We save you money with our on-demand services that ensure that you only have to spend money for exactly what you need.

  Gen X Media Group does not have any hidden costs or fees that will cut into your royalties or any other monies that are agreed upon. You will get exactly what is agreed upon and we will never use your royalties to pay for the books overhead, as is the case with many shady Black Hat publishers. Why should we charge an author ten thousand dollars to print well over a thousand copies of a book when all you need is ten copies? We don't operate in that manner. By keeping our services on-demand, we eliminate unnecessary "package deals" that costs you much more money than you need to spend.

  Our job is to protect our authors and see to it that their profits from their work are maximized and to ensure that each authour still retains as many rights to their work as agreed upon. We will not steal your hard work from you.

Gen X Media Group is unique in that we give the author as much control over the process of being published as they need. We offer in-house editing and book printing services, and while that is an expense to the author, it is an expense that is on demand so that the authors needs are met on their terms.

  Gen X Media Group is also unique because we offer services like Books Now and in-house editing which is something that most Black Hat publishers do not offer. Many shady publishers require you to pay an exorbitant fee to get a package deal on books, when the need for those "services" might never arise. We want you to have as much control as possible. 

Before any book can be published, a completed manuscript is needed, and the editing process is quoted on a case-by-case basis, however the editing process works both ways- between you and between us so that you have the final say in how your book is edited. This also enables a relationship to form between the author and Gen X Media Group because the lines of communication are open between us.

Gen X Media Group is here to serve all of your publishing needs. At Gen X Media Group, we care about our authors and are here to help them  as much as possible as well as publish many genres. We will publish online short stories, op-ed pieces, childrens books, fiction and non-fiction novels- if it is written, we will publish it.

At Gen X Media Group, we cater to all of a writer or authors needs. Get Seen. Get Exposure. Get Published Today!
  1. Books Now Service
    Today, many authors books are being published online through Amazon and Google Books, and so the need for hard cover books is starting to become antiquated. At Gen X Media Group, we offer a service called Books Now, which allows you to print off as many copies of your book that you need. With e-books dominating the book market today, you won't need to print off a million copies of your book, and with our Books Now service, you control how many hard back and paperback books you need at any given time. If you have a book signing and need just fifty copies of your book, our Books Now service allows you to print just fifty copies of your book. The Books Now service helps the author because the author is in complete control of how many books they decide to print. Why pay for a thousand hard backed books when you are selling two-thousand books online? Our Books Now service puts you in control of how many books you want to have printed.
  2. In House Editing
    One thing that Gen X Media group prides itself on is that we offer in-house editing services. Many shady self publishing companies that are "free" will require you to submit your writing in it's completed and edited form, and when they do offer editing, it's usually for an exorbitant fee. Our editing process is simple and it is cost effective to our writers because we aren't taking money from the authors royalties in order to have their work edited. We do want full manuscripts to be submitted to us, but we do offer in-house editing to ensure that your work is as polished as it can be before we publish it. Our editing services are variable and are catered to each individual writer. We want to be able to build a trusting relationship between us and our authors and writers and the editing process enables this because you still have control. We will edit on a page-by-page basis and we will never published edited work without the authors prior consent unless otherwise specified.
  3. ISBN Bar Codes
    Another important service that we offer to authors are ISBN numbers which are individualized and bear necessary bar codes with a price for your work built into it. This is called an ISBN which is the acronym for international standard book number. We provide ISBN services so that every time your unique bar code number is used, the point of sale is tracked and reported so you can see your royalties at work for you in real time. We always report your sales numbers with any ISBN number that you own to you so you are able to track your sales. We can ease the burden of trying to properly obtain and utilize your ISBN for your work by providing it to you, however you may need it. Whenever that ISBN is used, you will be notified and you can take your payments however you like. If you want to get a check every single time the ISBN is used, you can do that, or you can set your own dollar amount when it comes to being paid, meaning that if you want a check every time your book makes you a thousand dollars instead of every time your ISBN is used, we can accommodate that need.
  4. Easy Payment and Ease of Access
    Nowadays, most shady self publishing companies require an exorbitant amount of money from you in order to have your work published. They will say that they will take care of all of your needs and will meet none of them. They will charge an author exorbitant fixed fees, and they take their payment any way they can get it, at your expense. At Gen X Media, we don't believe in charging authors fixed hidden fees. It's true that an author will always have to pay for services rendered, but that doesn't mean that it needs to come out of your royalties for your work. At Gen X Media, we prefer to let the author have control over what money goes where, which is why we offer so many on demand services that save you money. We will always give authors ready access to exactly what they need, and we do so on a case-by-case basis due to the fact that we will publish any genre of writing.