Gen X Media Group
Houston, TX

Our Mission to You

At Gen X Media Group, we strive to deliver on all of your publishing needs. Gen X Media Group will publish any form of writing, from web articles and short stories, to hard-backed books. Join the ranks of writers at Gen X Media Group and watch your literary aspirations become a reality. We will publish ANY genre of writing so we reach to vast audiences for you.  We offer many services from editing to book printing and our services are on demand, which puts you in control of certain areas of the publishing process. Gen X Media Group believes that every author has a right to be as involved as they need to be during the publishing process. Gen X Media Group proudly serves all of your literary and publishing needs.
At Gen X Media Group, we offer all of your publishing needs without the headaches and hassles of dealing with shady "Black Hat" publishing companies who aren't in the publishing business to serve the author's needs. At Gen X Media Group, we deliver results and take care of the entire publishing process for you. On top of that, we offer many services that are geared towards saving you money and maximizing your profits. We do what other publishers won't to ensure that our writers and authors are happy with the end result of their literary creation.
Gen X Media prides itself on being a "no-frills" publishing company. Every authors experience with being published through us will be personalized on an individual level to ensure that all of your needs are met. We believe that writers and authors who want to publish their works should be compensated for their hard work, so we will never ask for money from you in order to publish your works. There are expenses in certain areas of the publishing process, but our on-demand services keep your profits maximized because you will only have to pay for exactly what you need- nothing more, nothing less.
Some of the Services we offer and a little bit more about us:
* No hassle publishing. If your work sells, you get paid. It's as simple as that.
* Flexible Contracts that are tailored to each author which gives each author their own unique and personalized experience.
* We Publish all works and all genres. We will publish anything from online short stories, to op-ed pieces, to e-books all the way to children's books and non-fiction novels.
* We cover all 50 states and will also publish works from around the globe. There is no area that is out of our reach.
* We make sure that the publishing process for you is hassle free and headache free. Our contracts are flexible, written in plain English, and have no hidden fees or hidden gimmicks.
* We will always look out for the authors needs and the writers needs. At Gen X Media Group, we firmly believe that writers and authors needs must be met with results, because we take as much pride in your work as you do. We aim to make sure that you reach your audiences and that your work goes as far as you expect it to.