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Frequently asked questions

 This section of our website is dedicated to answering some of the questions that an author or a writer may have regarding the process of being published. This section will also serve to answer author and writers questions regarding what they should expect with the publishing process, as well as what not to expect. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we will answer it as quickly as possible.
About The Publishing Process
What To Expect
  1. Is it true that when my work is published, I lose the rights to my work?
    Usually, when a book is published, the publisher retains the rights to an authors work which means that the author no longer owns their work. At Gen X Media Group, we see to it that you retain rights to your work. At Gen X Media Group, we believe that your work should always be your work.
  2. Do I need a literary agent to publish my work?
    Once upon a time, attaining a literary agent was necessary for most authors if they wanted to get their books published. What a literary agent does is try to sell your work to a publishing company for a percentage of what the book makes. At Gen X Media, we eliminate the need for a literary agent because you will be dealing directly with the publisher, and we will not charge you money to push your book.
  3. About vanity press and shady self publishing companies.
    A "Vanity Press" is a modern term for a self publisher and shady publishing companies like to capitalize on the fact that most first time publishers don't understand the process, which enables them to take advantage of writers. Some won't provide ISBN's, which are crucial to getting your books sold, and they leave it to you to sell your book. Essentially, you are paying them to have your book published when it should clearly be the other way around. A lot of shady publishers will hide fees for their services, which generally don't offer very much help. Shady publishers who claim to publish your books for free generally work against authors by making the author pay to do a majority of the work. With Gen X Media Group, we answer every single question you have about the process of being published and we clearly spell out any expenses that you are responsible for and why they are necessary. Our contracts are flexible and we deliver the goods as opposed to try to sell you services that are not necessary. At Gen X Media Group, we want you to be involved with your literary creations as much as possible because it's your work, and we want it to shine.
  1. Will I be able to get an advance for my book?
    The short answer is no. The reason for this is because we have to work with many authors, many of whom are first-time publishers. Advances for books are generally reserved for authors who have written more than one book, and wrote bestsellers. It is not common for authors to get advances for their books and that is generally reserved for well established authors who are frequent bestsellers. Plus, advances are risky for both the author and the publisher. If a publisher advances money to a writer, through a literary agent, it is advanced on the assumption that the book in question will sell. If you get advanced 10,000 dollars, you are required to pay your agent, and in most cases, your advance will be paid back by your book sales. So if you get advanced 10,000 dollars, and your book only makes 1,000 dollars, you will be responsible for paying back that advance with most publishing companies. Expecting an advance on a first time authors book is not a reasonable expectation. That is not to say that we do not offer that service. Gen X Media Group has very flexible contracts and we make your work work for you.
  2. Why shouldn't I use a literary agent?
    Gen X Media group deals directly with it's authors, which eliminates the need to hire a literary agent. There is no middle-man when you deal with Gen X Media group, so you will not have anyone to pay back for an advance. We discourage the use of literary agents because you save money when you deal directly with Gen X Media Group and not a literary agent. There is nobody who needs to be paid back when you deal directly with us, and we can do for free, what most literary agents charge you money to do.
  3. Do I have to pay money up front to get my work published?
    Absolutely not! Gen X Media group is a publishing company that pays you for published works and not the other way around. We will never ask you for money up front to publish your book. There are costs associated with certain services we provide, but we will never ask you for money up front just to get your work published.
  4. Do I have to pay money up front for certain services?
    Yes and no. Extra services that we provide do cost money, but due to the fact that our services on demand, and due to the fact that our contracts are done on an individual basis, everyone will have a different experience. It all depends on what you want to do and what we agree on. At some point in the process, you will pay for services like Books Now, but you will be the one who is in control of how you pay for our services. We will accommodate the needs of every author. If your book is working for you on the e-book market, then you may very well find that you either do or don't need certain services. It all depends on you and what you want, that we can do.
  1. What is an ISBN and why are they so important?
    An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number. Am ISBN is a book identifier that registers each type of book you have so that people can use it for commerce. An ISBN is a bar code of sorts which tracks all of your book sales. Please note that if you want to publish an e-book, a paperback book, or a hard cover book, you will need an ISBN for each individual type of book, but not for reprints. The reason why an ISBN is so important is because it's how you get paid. Every time your ISBN is scanned, it automatically ports payment towards your royalties. Every single type of book that you write will need an ISBN in order to keep track of your sales. Without an ISBN, you'd end up peddling your book door-to-door. At Gen X Media Group, we offer ISBN services and we will only require you to buy only as many as you need. Whether you want three ISBN's or three-hundred, we offer ISBN's with the details in the contract, on a per author basis.
  2. Will my book become a bestseller?
    The age old question- will my book become a bestseller? Ultimately, that depends on the author, with the help of your publisher to promote your books to their intended audiences. There are millions of authors who opt to take the self publishing route, and when they do, they are responsible for promoting their books. These authors also write about the same things within their genre, so there can be over one-hundred books about one subject, The difference is that with Gen X Media Group, your work will be promoted and marketed heavily so the author sees maximum profits and their genre is reached. Ultimately, when you are writing, fish around the internet and see if other people are writing about the same subject that you want to write about. If that's the case, then the author needs to take a look at their writing, and see what they can do differently. If nobody else is writing about the subject, and it has a potential audience, then that is exactly what you should be writing about because originality is a very important part of being a successful writer. Having your book published, promoted and marketed with Gen X Media Group will definitely help you get an edge over other writers who are self-published. We will promote your work heavily towards its intended audience so your book will stand out more, and people will take notice of your work. At Gen X Media Group, we want to see your works flourish and we will market your works so they do just that.