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About Our Contracts

Gen X Media Group offers contracts that are catered to each individual corresponding author. We offer many services with our contracts that are geared towards saving you money as well as making money due to the on-demand nature of our services.

Due to the fact that Gen X Media Group allows you to keep most of the rights to your work, you are welcome to adapt your written works into screenplays or television shows. Gen X Media Group will retain a small, agreed upon percentage of any further ventures with your literary work but we will not own your work outright because we believe that your work should work for you.

Every contract will be different, as Gen X Media Group is here to serve the individuals needs, but every contract is flexible and we put the author in as much control of how they get paid as possible. We can set up your payments to where you get a royalty check for each sold copy of your work, or you can opt to have a check made out to you when you reach a dollar amount of your choosing. Our contracts will meet all of your needs.
Gen X Media Group takes pride in our flexible contracts. Our Contracts are written in plain English and there are no hidden fees or gimmicks.

Most publishing companies will make you sign a contract that requires you to forfeit the rights to your work. When you sign a contract with other publishers, your work ceases to be your own. The publisher will generally cut the author a percentage of the royalties and will retain the rights to your hard work.

Gen X Media Group doesn't do that to our authors. Gen X Media Group firmly believes that an author should retain most of the rights to their work. After all, the writer did a fair share of their work as it is.

Gen X Media Group offers very flexible contracts that keep you in as much control as possible. We won't take all of the rights to your hard work.
Photo By Walter Leonard
Gen X Media Group understands how frustrating it can be to have your work published, only to see most of your profits go towards unneccesary services and hiiden fees. We understand that the idea of your hard work no longer being yours because the publisher took all of the rights is a bad proposition. It's almost as bad as paying money to have your work published.

Gen X Media Group can attend to most of your needs in the contractual process. We literally do what other publishers won't. Every contact will be agreed upon by both parties prior to signing it and we will make certain that you get the publishing and exposure that you need with minimal overhead. Most publishing companies will charge you a lot of money for services you don't need. Our contracts at Gen X Media Group will serve most, if not all of your needs, and our services will exceed your expctations. Gen X Media Group does it all!