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Books Now Printing Services

Gen X Media Group takes pride in the many services that we offer to writers and authors. Our Books Now service is just one of many ways that Gen X Media Group makes the process of getting your work published as streamlined as possible.

With Books Now, you are in control of every aspect regarding what your book will look like, what fonts your book will use, the size of the book cover, all the way to the cover content itself.

Gen X Media Group wants to put our writers and authors in as much control of the publishing process as possible. Why pay a shady Black Hat publisher 7,000 dollars to print 20,000 copies of a book when all you need is 100 copies of your book?

Books Now is one of many on-demand services that we offer at Gen X Media Group, which is geared towards saving you money out of your pocket, and maximizing the profits of your books sales.

Gen X Media Group looks out for the interests of our writers and authors, so we are always looking for ways to save you money while making you money too!
Gen X Media Group offers comprehensive book printing services called Books Now. What our Books Now service does is put you in control of how many books you would like to have printed. Most book printing services across the country require an author to print a minimum of up to ten thousand books. At Gen X Media Group, our minimum book order is 25 copies. We do not think that an author should be required to place a minimum printing order of 1,000 books when they only need 50 copies of their book. We also offer extra services, such as book spine creation, gloss or matte covers, black and white pages, color pages, paperback books- we can print anything. Another part of this service that is very helpful is that you do not have to be published by us in order to utilize our Books Now services. That means that any author can order as many books from Gen X Media Group as they want to, in order to suit their needs.  Prices will vary depending on which services are needed. We do offer price breaks at certain book quantities, meaning that your cost per book will be less if you order 100 books as opposed to 25 books.
Gen X Media Groups Books Now Service allows you to select the sizes of the books, the types of cover you want the book to have, the quantities- every service that we offer with Books Now is very comprehensive. For a quote today, please feel free to contact us either via our contact page, or email us directly at We will furnish a written quote in the form of a microsoft word document, and will furnish the quote as soon as possible that has all services listed and detailed with your total cost. We won't quote by phone because we need certain information from you regarding the quoting process. Some of the things that we will need from you to furnish a quote are the book size, barcodes, quantities, finish, color and black and white pages, etc. We gather all of that information and supply you with a solid quote with how much it will cost to accommodate your book printing needs!

COMING SOON- We will be adding a book pricing calculator and an online store to make the quoting process more streamlined. All quotes must be reviewed by both parties before a purchase order will be placed.